Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Art News

On Sunday we dropped off the artwork for the North Carolina Museum of Art's, Art of the Auction. That was fun!

They asked me for the retail value of the piece. I had pondered this prior to this moment. i knew i didn't want to go the usual route. i knew people would be asking anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousands, but that's just not my style. I like fun numbers like $12.34 or $45.67 but neither of these felt right. I had one particular number stuck in my head. One number I really wanted to use..... so....

I listed it for 17 cents. I just had too! Plus my daughter dared me. It was like one of those double dog dares too.

In other art news, we went downtown Raleigh and I put my art in a few other galleries. Not that they asked for my art but there was an empty space on the pedestal.

I know this is wrong on many levels but the sign said for "Art's" access.... so...


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