Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Challenge

These new pieces are causing me more grief.. I can't believe what a design challenge they are. I'm sure you're thinking, come on, it's just some critters on a wood frame....

Well it's not just critters.. in fact, the accessories are as much a problem as the critters. How many books, what color books, what size books, do i write on them or just paint them?? Here I have a whole bunch of books I started painting that may or may not be added to the final piece.

speaking of what may or may not be added to the final piece, I created this entire row of critters for this pieces. That was after I decided not to go with pigs.... but none of these critters fit well on the wood... not that they didn't physically fit, they just didn't work. So that's when i created the zonkeys you see above.

Sometimes the critters don't work. Look at this pig. He won't go on anything because his book doesn't fit his critter. I'll either re-book him or toss him altogether. Most likely toss him. Again showing how difficult it is for me to create a complete artwork that I feel works.

And i'm still not finished with this piece. The giraffe in the top right corner is new. He replaced a cat. The cat didn't work. i can't explain why. I'm not sure the giraffe works either but I won't know till i add a few more accessories. you can see a spot in the bottom right corner where some books were removed. I have some replacement books drying...

i think this piece is close.


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C.R. Evers said...

who knew Critters could be such high maintenance. I think it looks great. Good luck figuring it out.