Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Pollock Tribute.. sort of

I'm working on a new piece. I have always been a big Pollock fan and had this idea to create a piece inspired by Pollock's paint cans.

While doing a little research I can across a great photo of Pollock in his studio standing in front of two shelves loaded with paint cans. It was more perfect than what i had imagined.

So first step was to move a few pieces out of my own studio. Like Pollock, I'm currently working in an upstairs room. Unfortunately, there is no barn in my backyard or i would have moved out already. so instead, i moved the art into my dining room.

Next, I constructed the frame. I wanted it really simple, just two shelves. I toyed with adding a support beam in the middle but when i cut the wood and fit it in place I felt it did a disservice. This works.

The next step is gathering cans. Fortunately, I was at about the bottom of these cans so i have some to start with but i'm going to need a lot more. I'll have to ask around and see if anyone wants to clean out their garage.

Here are a few more cans. I'm painting them mostly solid colors though i am leaving a little of a drip look. It is a Pollock tribute after all.

The next step will be to make a few Critter cans. This little guy is a test can. i took an old critter that was hanging around and cut him to fit just to see what a critter can would look like. i think it they will work well.

What critters to make?? I'm going to try a crow. Pollock had a pet crow named Caw Caw.. I'm not sure how the crow will work. might be sort of dark. stay tuned...


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