Monday, May 23, 2011


This is a new public arts project I'm working on with fellow artist Brandon Leffel to submit to the City of Raleigh: Art on City Plaza 2011. I wanted to create an interactive piece that people could not only view but touch and activate.

I came up with the idea of creating three zoetropes but of course, I've never built one. That's where Brandon came in. He built the three you see above.

Next step, painting them. I wanted them to be colorful but not too much cause I didn't want them to look like playground equipment. I think my color choices are just the right amount of fun.

The last step will be to add the animation that makes a zoetrope a zoetrope. I've choose the classic running zonkey. I drew these by hand and then scanned them into PhotoShop to make sure the animation looked decent.

I'm pretty happy with this one. Now I have to figure out how to get the art drawings into the art sculptures...

Stay tuned!


Morgan Boos said...

love it! you guys are doing a great job. i wanna see the final product!

Unknown said...

This is incredible. . . How BIG are they? They look humongous! I can't wait to see how you actually made it. I have an old record player in my room and I've been very excited to use it as the base to a zoetrope. For a few years now it seems that there is no time for animation because I'm teaching so many basic things. Started with a few classes of 40+ then they got transfered to other classes or left when we finally got settled in November I felt like I had to teach the basics! Budgets! Argh. One day! Until then I CANNOT wait to see yours! I found your blog through your video of your art class. I was impressed with how you approach teaching. Balloon project is a huge awesome idea! Line through light is a lot of fun too. Keep it up.