Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Pollock Paint Can Shelf: Part 2

I had this idea to create a piece inspired by Pollock's paint cans. I came across a great photo of Pollock's studio showing two shelves loaded with paint cans. I set out to recreate the idea.

Well, nothing I did looked right. The long shelf was too long. The paint cans wouldn't balance (both artistically speaking and literally!). Finally I decided to cut the whole thing up.

I reassembled the shelf into something that looks nothing like Pollock's shelf but looks very much like ian sands :)

Then, Alex and I took some time arranging and rearranging the paint cans till it looked and felt right. This peice is still in the works but I'm a lot happier with the way it is coming along.

Since the original piece was six feet long and full of cans, there were a few left over. I think I will create another paint can shelf with the leftovers.

This is a shot of the shelf before I cut it up. There were a lot more paint cans that are missing from this pic but you can get the idea.


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Anonymous said...

I like your rendition... the smaller shelf looks pleasing to the eye.

Is this for your studio or a show?