Friday, May 25, 2012

Mean Bookshelves

Even though I pretty much decided I didn't want to show in galleries anymore.. oh, did I mention that? Well, I told myself the Block Gallery would be my last show... and for two reasons. 

First, I didn't have the best experience. Don't get me wrong, it's a great gallery and Hannah did so much to put on a great show. Still, it wasn't me.
Second, it wasn't me. I'm more a paint a bus, paint a billboard kind of guy. I like the public art. Especially the outdoor art.

With that said, I always thought I got a little bit ahead of myself with the larger bookshelves. The first bookshelf I created was for only one critter. It was simple and worked well. Also, I liked the idea of the written message but again, I felt the need to write as much as possible. 
So I thought, what if I made the smaller shelf with only one critter and only one message? But what would that message be? 
My critters have always been fun and happy so i thought it might be interesting to see another side of them. What if they told you what they really thought about you? A little critter honesty. 

These aren't even completed.. they are sort of prototypes but what do you think? 
Comments welcomed!


Anonymous said...

I think you've jumped the shark.
They make me sad. I wouldn't want to see them in public.

ian sands said...

Shark jumping? Ouch! OK, I've got a better idea... stay tuned