Saturday, July 06, 2013

Crushing Turtles : Excerpt

The excitement continues around the 2013 Summer read... First, and this is top secret so don't tell anyone.. there will be three, free giveaways this summer! How exciting! Yes, I know!

First, next weekend, Shellless will be available as a free download at the Kindle Store on Amazon!

The next week, The Metal Marble will also have a free promotional give away!

The week after that will be the launch of the long anticipated release of Crushing Turtles!!

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from chapter one of the not yet released book...

Ian Sands


Tori crushes turtles. Sometimes she smashes them with a rock. Sometimes she takes them home and whacks them with a hammer. Her favorite way is to simply step on them till their shells crack beneath her feet. It really doesn’t matter how she crushes them as long as they smush.

She crushes box turtles and painted turtles, sliders and musk turtles. She secretly wishes she could go to the beach and step on baby sea turtles as they leave the nest… but the beach is far away. Besides, there are plenty of turtles to crush at the lake and she can walk there.

The only turtle Tori hasn’t crushed yet; the only one she wants to crush lives in that lake. They say it has a three-foot wide shell and a four-foot long tail. It waits in the mud at the bottom of the lake. That’s why Tori has never seen it. But she knows its there and she hates it.

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