Saturday, January 25, 2014

Observational Drawing on iPad SketchBook Pro

Whenever I'm on vacation, I always enjoy creating observational drawings on location. I used to bring a sketchbook and sometimes a small set of watercolors. There was a balance I had to create between what I wanted to use and what I was willing to travel with. There was also always the issue of where to set up. i.e. it's kind of hard to set up and use a paint palette while sitting in a beach chair. 

This year I got smart. I packed all sorts of paints, brushes, pencils and even an airbrush with me on vacation.. Well, not really. I brought my iPad and used the app Sketchbook Pro. 

We went to Florida during Christmas break and a little beach combing resulted in a few interesting objects to draw. Above: a crab claw.. I'm not sure where the rest of the crab went. 

Just a random shell I picked up one morning. I started this but didn't finish but that's ok, I got most of it..

Feathers are difficult! I started but didn't finish it either.. didn't even come close.. Im' so lazy ;)

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