Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bella Italia in Wake Forest

Last night my hockey team, the Jackals, lost 5-4. Our opponent’s fifth goal slid right past me because I popped my knee only moments before they took the shot. Last night I slept terribly and this morning I have a brace on my leg. So you might say that was a pretty bad night for hockey. But not so because our team is sponsored by Bella Italia in Wake Forest.

Bella Italia in Wake Forest makes the best NY style pizza in NC. We stopped by after the game last night and Mike, our sponsor, cooked us up a few pizzas.

This pizza is sooooo good! It’s the crust. They use “real” pizza ovens and I guess sometimes a little dough sticks to the oven. So the bottom of the pizza is crispy and has a few little black specks on it. Those specs are burnt pizza crust which I guess might not sound to appealing but it’s a good thing. It gives just a hint of flavor to the crust sort of like what an outdoor grill can do for steak or chicken. This flavor, in association with the crispy crust, just makes this pizza incredible!

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C.R. Evers said...

Sorry to hear about your knee and the game. :0( I hope you feel better. I'm really hungry for pizza now!