Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Water Tower

This is a study of a water tower, Saturday morning light, downtown Apex, NC.

here's the buzz:
I Read this online
"The basic premise behind postmodern art is that all forms of novelty and rebellion have already been explored, and that even if that weren't true the particular emphasis on rejection of that which is old or already done is only handicapping to an artists self-expression."

So what I get from that is either everything art-wise has already been done (so why bother) or even if that isn't true, the simple fact that it might be true inhibits an artist from creating art.

(Detail of water tower study)

Really what I like to create would be considered Impressionism. But as we all know, Impressionism ended about a hundred and twenty years ago.

Then I thought about the line above and decided maybe I am letting my self-expression be handicapped by the very belief in postmodernism.

Here's another thought. Art "isms", like we had in the twentieth century are equivalent to the MTV generation's view of television. Everything must be new, must be now, must be wow. Don't bore me with something already done because something new is only a mouse click away.

The Renaissance was an art movement that lasted one hundred years yet Fauvism only lasted four years. Egyptian art remained virtually unchanged for 3,000 years yet pop art came and went before I had a chance to pick up my paint brush.

Perhaps modern art movements can last more than a week. Has everything thing that was impressionism been done? Did Monet really cover it all? Or could the movement continue on? Live side by side with other movements. Advance.

it's just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Very nice texture! Lovin it![WATER TOWER]

valerie walsh said...


Anonymous said...

this is a nice piece, i like how you applied the paint.

Anonymous said...

this is a nice piece, i like how you applied the paint.

Anonymous said...

this is a nice piece, i like how you applied the paint.

Anonymous said...

you like that? it's a tricomment©, i invented it.

Laura said...

excellent piece! also loved reading your thoughts on all the *isms* - do "they" really know anything? i say create what you want and let "them" figure it out!

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

I liked your comments on "isms." Don't you think that there's always more we can show, even if we are similar in style to a supposedly defunct "ism?" I see something new in lots of modern impressionist or expressionist art.