Saturday, February 03, 2007

First Sale (Update)

After visiting my studio (the room above the garage), the owner of Salem Street Reality (Kim) offered to purchase (take off my wall and give me no money) two of my Apex pieces.

The pieces selected each contain two studies of the downtown area of Apex and will be matted and framed for the office in downtown Apex.

While it’s true I know the owner (Kim), I still felt pretty good about selling (without getting any money) the pieces, especially since it was a total surprise.


Paige Keiser said...

Congrats! I really like your train piece here!! Very nice composition and colors.

I can't remember whether I said so or not, but my best friend on earth went to Apex Highschool (class of '94). Her name was Erika Cadran. Sadly, she died at age 19 from a severe allergic reaction :0(

Anonymous said...

I like that train. Nice use of yellow/purple for the light and shadow. Cheers, Jeroen