Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tipper Tie Water Tower

OK, I got the cartoon water towers out of my head. It’s like my head was blocked and until it was cleared of goofy water towers, I couldn’t get back to painting. But that was this morning. This evening I couldn’t wait to start this painting.

So here it is step by step.

First, I start by laying down some paint. I use a brush for a little while. Then I get bored and start slapping it around with my hand. This stage used to scare me. Like I thought maybe I couldn’t pull it back together. But now I slap paint, fearless.

Next, I scrub in the large areas with chalk and oil pastels. It’s a quick, easy way to bring the image back to the paper after my hands have walked all over it.

Finally, I work the paper over with the colored pencils. I also use a paper clip to scrape away areas of color. I don’t care where the pencils go. I just start scribbling. They know what to do.

1 comment:

Kayleen West - Children Author/Illustrator said...

Hi Ian
Seeing you are not a strong enough swimmer to come and see my artist of the month exhibit i though I would come to you here.
Don't you worry about your health playing in the paint like that?

No wonder you cant swim that far LOL