Saturday, April 21, 2007

How many times should I have to wash that Jeep in one weekend??

You ever have one of those days... or weekends??

I tell no lie; I had just washed the spring pollen off this jeep half an hour before.

The story goes like this:

My kid is invited to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. The people live way out in the woods and I had to go down this long, narrow one-way driveway to get to their house. Well everyone was coming to pick up their kid from the party so I thought, I have a Jeep, I can pull off to the side.

Now, the spot where I pulled over use to be a big ditch. The party people had some trees chopped down and filled the ditch with the wood chips. Now mixing that with all the rain we had last week, made for a fairly nice sink hole.

My Machine She's a Dud, All Stuck in the Mud

Some boat rope and a truck later and we were good to go. As Toby Mac say, Booming out the stereo system. This goes out to anyone listing.

I go home and wash the Jeep, again.

But wait, there's more:

Same kid get's invited to another party on Sunday afternoon. After the party we are driving home and well, I guess it was a little too much cake, or a little too much ice cream, or maybe too much soda, or maybe all three... cause out the side of the Jeep... At least I had the top off.

I go home and wash the Jeep, again.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! I hope your day got better!