Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not Ready for Prime Time Cow

You ever wake up wanting to create a piece of artwork but not really being in the mood to create a piece of artwork? Then you force yourself to create the said artwork and when you are done, you're not really happy with it? Then you try to take a decent photo of the not so decent illustration and you find the only camera in the house is your camera phone, which for some reason can't capture a decent image to save its life, if it had a life?

So them you post it anyway...

The idea was to create an illustration for this week's Picture-Bookies Showcase, a new blog specifically for showcasing the art of Picture Book Illustrators. This week’s topic is "Change of plans".

I had a few ideas all revolving around a large creature being in a place where kids might want to, or have to go. Some ideas included a dragon on a swing set and a monster on a teeter totter. I settled on a cow. So the kids suppose to milk the cow but the cow has other ideas, change of plans.

However the whole thing fell apart from the get go so this is as far as Mr. Cow is going today.

Maybe next week.

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