Monday, June 04, 2007

The Hunt for Pigrates
Day Two: Evening

Nature photographer Becky Bernard has seen something about 100 yards up the beach. She calls to the team and points, indicating the spot where she says she saw a creature trot down a dune and disappear into the sea.

The rest of our team arrives at the location, searching the waves for a peak and possibly capturing a photo of a swimming pig. However, after fifteen minutes of staring at the sea, we come up empty handed.

are these the tracks of a pigrate?

Reluctantly, we call off the search but as we turn to head back to camp, naturalist/artist Christian Gray draws are attention to a set of tracks that lead down the dunes and into the ocean. Becky hurries to photograph what appears to be hoof prints before they are washed away by the rising tide.

The near sighting and the fresh tracks have energized our team. We’ll head back to camp now filled with excitement about what a new day will bring.


C.R. Evers said...

My name iz profezzor SchmarzDepantz. I have heard of zis mysterouz creature, zee "pigrate".
Be careful brave team! Legend sayz zat zis Pigrate can be very unpredictable!

Prof. P. SchmartDepantz

Kathleen Rietz said...

Ian, are you okay?? I am starting to get concerned....first it was the weird flying creature in your backyard, now an elusive ocean pig. What gtives? Perhaps they are related..