Thursday, June 28, 2007


Exploration: To seek out and find evidence of petro-based creatures know as roxopods.
Location: Mountain region: town of Black Rock
Probability of existence: Medium
Funding: Grant for two days. Possible extended funding based on return of factual evidence.

Day One:
Our team, consisting of nature photographer Becky Bernard, naturalist/artist Christian Gray, and myself, animal behaviorist Cole Saphone, touched down in the small mountain town of Black Rock this afternoon. Our mission, a one-night stay at the Black Rock Lodge, a motel composed mostly of granite walls and famous for their roxopod sightings.

The Black Rock Lodge

Roxopods is really a family of creatures having two sub species, sedimentipedes and granipillars. Sedimentipedes are usually longer and flatter than their cousins the granipillars, with sighting occurring on low rock piles. Granipillars are shorter and rounder. Most granipillars have been sighted clinging or crawling on steep, vertical rock walls. Since the Black Rock Lodge’s walls are created from boulders, our team’s focus will be fixed on finding granipillars.

Good location to hunt sedimentipedes


Karen Lee said...

sedimentipedes is so funny!

It's funny how much that looks like the Grove Park Inn.

ian sands said...

I don't think the team could afford to stay at the Grove Park Inn. Besides, I think that Inn is in Ashville. As was clearing mentioned, this is the town of Black Rock.