Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just Me & My Mac
By ian sands

It seems every time I make a major job move, I purchase a new computer. I purchased my first Mac when I was teaching. I purchased my first PC when I switched to programming for Nortel. Later, I upgraded to a Gateway when I took a job as GUI designer for TeleHealth. And now, that I have come full circle, I have a Mac.

Switching platforms from PC to Mac was easy. Switching all the software, now that is something different. I’m right in the middle of all this new software. New Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), which also came with Entourage (sort of like Outlook). Even had to download new FTP software, Cyberduck (cute rubber duck icon).

But the big switch so far… PhotoShop CS3. My previous version was 7! But wow, what a great tool! I’m sitting here playing with all the new smart filter stuff. Three weeks till school starts and I’ll be teaching this thing!

Look, it’s my kitchen, which I should be cleaning. Or maybe I’ll just airbrush it clean. Who’ll know the difference?

If you are interested in the technique, I stole it from PlanetPhotoshop.


Constance McLennan said...

Ian Sands, you are a funny man. I like your art a lot. I like your writing (especially the "I hate . . ." post on SCBWI.) And after reading your "Jesus saves" post below, I'm wondering if you are familiar with the work of my BIL Mike Yaconelli--whose main topic was grace. Or the Wittenberg Door (back when he owned it). Or artist/playright McNair Wilson.

C.R. Evers said...

OHHHHH! that looks like a fun toy!

now go clean your kitchen! :0P

TheTart said...

LOVE that image!!!!

The Tart
; *