Monday, August 06, 2007

The third in my Jesus Freak posts. I could post the interface design stuff I’m doing for BASF but it is so much more less fun and duller.

This is an invitation I’m working on for a One Day service my church is holding. The idea is, if you only go to church one day a year, or perhaps you don’t go to church but you have thought, one day I’ll go, this is the service for you.

So this is just a mock up for the front cover to give them an idea of how it could look. On the other side of the invitation would be more content, directions, maybe a map, and stuff.

Anyhow, One Day should be fun. I think we are going to hand out some good coffee (anyone know where can I get some good coffee?) plus there will be a rocken’ band (anyone know of any musicians that want to play with me that Sunday??), plus other cool stuff (anyone have any ideas that would could be labeled other cool stuff?)


Kathleen Rietz said...

Clever. This should free up the parking lot a little on Christmas so I can find a space less than 3 football feilds away, right?

Janelle said...

Very cool idea, Ian! And I love the littel Christmas branch! - Janelle