Thursday, August 16, 2007

Raleigh SCBWI Schmooze

Last Sunday, the Raleigh Area SCBWI held a schmooze at Quail Ridge Books. This was our second (annual) schmooze and it was twice as big as last year with about 50 people attending, and me.

Stephanie Greene, the alpha female for the Carolina SCBWI and author of one of my favorite moose books, was our guest speaker (the one all the way to the right of the photo). She is a cool bean. I like the way she talks because sometimes she doesn't finish a sentence. Instead, the thought sort of floats there for a minute. Then it melts into the next one.

Some of the people in my crit group and host-ers of the schmooze, Jenn, me, K-Lee, Christy and Linda.

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