Saturday, October 20, 2007


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Since starting this blog in 2005, I have been constantly toying with art. Every time I came close to a method I was satisfied with, I would switch directions in some kooky attempt to reinvent my style.

Exploring is growing and it is fun and all but I think I need to settle down. I’ve played with a lot of methods and I have a lot to work with. So I decided to grow up, pick a style and stick with it. I figure the best way to do that is to put a dummy together. 32 pages all using the same art, now there is a challenge. ;)

And all ready I’m learning and growing. Just trying to figure out how type fits on a page is crazy hard.

Here is the method, cartoony images, colored pencil first, watercolor on top of that and finish off with the black inking.


studio lolo said...

Yeah, dummies are a great thing to practice on. Makes the whole story look different and then we can immediately see where we need more or less. Great job! I like doing story boards too, with all those blasted thumbnails!


i really like your dummy, thanks, i learn something important. :)

kdhamel said...

Your Zonkey is so cute!
I learned a lot making my first dummy - so much so that I'm going to totally redo it!
Would love to see more as you work on it!

C.R. Evers said...

That's so cool! It's neat seeing your story come to life.

Have fun!

Karen Lee said...

I'm so glad to see you moving forward with this. You're right - this is the hard part, and the important part. Technique is fragment of the whole. Glad to see you are tackling the BIG PICTURE.


justina said...

Hi Mr. Sands!! I can't believe it but I actually went through with making an art blog! major thanks to you for inspiring the artsy fartsy persona in me.
and thanks so so much for your photoshop help for newspaper! Gah I really tried to get your art story in, but the newspaper people were all like "that's too much art news!" T_T no appreciation...*sigh*

but anyways...we should definitely have an illustration friday show down some day ;) mentor vs. student.
you'd win of course..but it'd be fun!

tusen said...

I like it, it's so dynamic (both the characters and the colours, if you know what I mean)