Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Look Back at 2008

January: Fork Bending Three

In a never ending mission to expand the power of my mind over the fork, I finally mastered the bending of eating utensils using only the thoughts in my small, but efficient (or sufficient) brain. I submit to you, attempt number three:

February: Mammoth

I chose to illustrate a mammoth getting attacked, and what will become eaten, by a pack of wild, hungry saber tooth tigers. What they all don't know is that they choose the worst possible spot to attack. Yes, that is correct, the tar pit. Darn. Just when you think you got a tummy full of Woolly, the next thing you know your sinking in La Brea.

March: Jeepalishus

This is my jeep with the new manly bumper installed. I think it looks pretty cool. Ooohhh, Aaahhh...

April: Last Night of the Jackals

On Wednesday, April 30th, at 10:15 PM the Jackals took the ice for the last time. After three ice rinks and two championship wins, the Jackals hung up their skates.

May: Art History

Something should have told me to stop my art history lessons before I got to the lesson on Christo.

June: The Eva Perry Monster

This is a story passed on to me by anonymous but trustworthy sources about a 7 foot monster that appeared unexpectedly at the Eva Perry Library in Apex.

Though I haven't visited the library to see for myself, this photo, also passed on to me by anonymous but trustworthy sources, was taken of the monster in front of the library.

July: Everyone Loves Footloose!!

August: Show Me The Monkey!

I've been a bigfoot buff since I was a little kid searching for one in the woods of Vermont. And though I claim to have had an strange encounters with wogs, pigrates what i believe was the the Lake Champlain Monster, I have never run into a sasquatch. Two men from Georgia claimed they not only saw a bigfoot, but they had a dead one sitting in their cooler.

September: Starfish on my Jeep

Hope Community Church raised money to build a hospital in Haiti. To do this, they gave everyone in the congregation an envelop containing money. They said each person should find a creative way to increase the funds. In my envelope, I received ten dollars. For my project I decided to paint starfish on my jeep. for one dollar I told the Starfish Story and then painted a starfish on my jeep.

October: Salem Street Art Festival

I participated in the Apex Arts Festival. Not that I asked... or was invited...

November: Signs

My response to the everyone's favorite Election Day ritual, posting campaign signs. My signs aren't for any particular candidate or party, just signs about signs.

December: First Pop Expressionism Exhibit

After watching a documentary on the Silver Factory, I decided to go online and find a place to display my art. It was the story of Valerie Solanas that gave me the idea to write the Moosifesto.

Ian Sands Pop Expressionism Exhibit

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