Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Making of Beefalo

Meanwhile, back at Sands Studio... the beefalo is one of the creatures I'm working on for a new series titled Newimals. Along with the artwork, I'm working on a new book titled LIGERS, TIGONS AND PIZZLIES: A Pop Expressionist Guide To Newimals.

I started the beefalo but taking an old illustration I did for a SCBWI contest. The assignment was to Illustrate a scene showing a child or teen getting ready for the new school year. I came in second place, over taken by Jennifer Morris. I would have won first place it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Actually, I should back up. Before I start painting I do lots of sketches. OK, maybe not lots...but enough till I'm fairly happy with what I'm about to paint.

Next, I lay down the black paint outline. Look, you can see that second place illustration beneath the black. You know, I won an SCBWI t-shirt with that painting. It's not as nice as the t-shirt I won from Buffalo Wild Wings after I ate 12 of their hottest wings in under 6 minutes. However, this was less messy and my mouth wasn't on fire all afternoon.

Time to open the house paint. The best part about using house paint is that all my art matches my walls.

After the house paint, I give the work a second black outline followed by a good scribbling of silly words and expressions. I found two new markers for this piece.. a brown and a purple. Very exciting. See, it pays to look behind the couch cushions!

The final step is to cut, arrange and glue gun the work into its frame. Trying to decide how to place the arms can be tricky. No mater how I arrange the work I still end up covering some of the words and lots of times it's stuff I like.

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- Alexxx - said...

WHAT?! How could you paint on top of you're other art! I loved that paiting! :-(