Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pop Expressionism: The Zonkey Collection

Ian Sands, Zonkey

From the littles series, the Zonkey stands approx. a foot and a half high. I'm meeting today, in half an hour in fact, to discuss and upcoming show in Apex. If all goes well, the Zonkey is slated for the exhibit.

Ian Sands, Pop Expressionism

Here is another zonkey pre-cut. I have to tell you I'm thinking that at some point, I'm going to do a show containing creatures that haven't been cut out. This image is almost disturbing in the sense that the creature is trapped as if in suspended animation, eternally waiting to be cut free.

Ian Sands, Zonkey

Fortunately for this Zonkey, I didn't have the heart to leave him in his pre-cut stage... but a day is coming. I think that would make a very interesting show.

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C.R. Evers said...

ohhhhh! I like the uncut idea!