Sunday, June 07, 2009

Craving More Street Art?

floating street art

The original idea for this project is called the Float Parade. The concept will be for a group of floating street artists to create a parade of art that will float across Pine Lake Apex, NC all at the same time.

This piece, the floating Deer, was a test run for the Float Parade which we will attempt again in September.

floating street art

floating street art

We took the Floating Deer down to the dock at Lake Pine and carefully placed him into the raging water..
Actually, the water was so still that at first it just sat there and didn't move.

floating street art

After a while though, the wind caught the deer and took him out to sea.

floating street art

And he went pretty far... however, we had tied him to a saltwater fishing rod and so in the end we reeled him back to the dock.

floating street art

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About the Group said...

Hey! It's your biggest fan down here in FL. This looks like such a fun idea. I hope it all comes together. I think “craving” to do something unexpected is a great way to get the community to taste art in a new way.
Please add some more pictures as it comes along.

Good for you!
Give my best.

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Very cool and inspiring!