Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Ice Eggs Part 2

let's see what's Drifting By The Beach....

ice eggs beach stret art

We set up Ice Eggs Part 2 on Emerald Islands, NC. This was a larger project than the first Ice Eggs with a total of 7 nests containing 25 eggs.

ice eggs beach stret art

The nests were constructed by digging in the sand to form a platform and than a clump of seaweed was placed on top in the shape of a nest.

ice eggs beach stret art

Next, several ice eggs, which we had been filling, coloring and freezing all week, were placed inside the nests.

ice eggs beach stret art

Then, we sat back to see how people would react.

ice eggs beach stret art

The majority of people took no interest in the nests at all. However, we created a smaller version a few days later that seemed to draw the curiosity of more people. The number one reaction was to reach down and touch the eggs. Most seemed surprised to learn that the eggs were made of ice.

ice eggs beach stret art

Although people didn't seem at all interested, several of the gulls took a fancy to our nests.

ice eggs beach stret art

The fact that we placed Doritos inside the nests might have helped.

ice eggs beach stret art

Watching the birds interact with the nests (ok, with the Doritos inside the nests) gave this the feeling of being one of our most successful street... or uhm.. beach art projects yet!

ice eggs beach stret art

About two hours later the eggs were completely melted and the tide took the seaweed drifting back out to sea.


spindelmaker said...

Wow! How fantastic! And people walking by, didn´t notice?! How is that even possible?!

Giggles said...

So the seagull looking back....funny!

Anonymous said...

I like the glowing nuclear green shades of the ice eggs! You'd think that more people would want to find out what kind of bird laid them...

C.R. Evers said...

ohhhh! cool!

luv the seagul pictures! :0D funny.

indigene said...

Absolutely amazing! Maybe only creative people and children notice things out of the says a lot about society! Thank goodness for folks like you! Bravo!

Ginger*:) said...

This is just so PERFECT! I love the shot of the seagulls investigating the Dorito-egg nest. Really imaginative and totally cool!