Friday, June 26, 2009

More Scribblism!

ian sands scriblism

You'd think I'd just about worn out my markers and colored pencils creating these latest scribblisms.

I'm using this funky sort of see through paper to create a layered effect. The marker and colored pencils are on the top layer, then the paint is either on the back or on another layer and i follow the whole thing up with a third layer of white paint.

ian sands scriblism

Are these scribblisms something you'd think I should post on my new Etsy site? or should I stick with the cut out stuff?

Text da cell!.... or just leave a comment below :)


ian sands on etsy

Have you always wanted an ian sands original zonkey, squid or moose to hang on your refrigerator but could never make it to the coffee shop in time?? Well here is your chance to snatch up the latest critter without having to search around NC just to find one hiding in the street.

The shop is now open at!


Unknown said...

This is neat!! V expressive!

Nicola said...

Very cool!! Lots of energy!! Great colours!!

Natura said...

Very expressive indeed! Like it.

lolly-jolly said...

you have a great expressionistic style that i like

Unknown said...

I love the energy and the color!