Monday, October 12, 2009

Critter Visits the Biltmore!

the lost critter project

Remember Critter the Cow? He was one of the Lost Critter Project critters.

the lost critter project

Then Christy's Creative Space thought it would be a fun idea to send Critter on a Blog tour. So Critter ended up taking a plane to Texas were he visited the blog of PJ Hoover. Remember all that?

Well, At Critters second stop he visited Beth's Blog and she took Critter to the Biltmore!

the lost critter project

Now I hear Critter is taking on a new adventure. Critter is on his way to Korea!

You can keep track of Critter's adventures at Christy's Creative Space.

1 comment:

Edith said...

Yay! Such a cool idea! I want to host Critter someday! ;) Critter should vacation forever!