Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The First Two Critter Cubes

The opposite of immovable, these cubes are meant to be turned!

For 2011, and hopefully longer, the The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment (GJCAE) Community Present will be the Critter Cube Stories. Teacher and creator, Ian Sands, is beginning to construct 30 Critter Cubes and Critter stories to be displayed in Wake Forest, N.C.

The Critter Cubes are cubes with colored graphics that can be turned over and with each turn a new story begins. The project is intended to be interactive with the community and encourage verbal and written expression using the stories created by the arrangement of the cubes.

The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment has financed the first 4 Critter Cube Stories and in 2011 plans to encourage further development of the project throughout the surrounds of Wake Forest.

In addition to the critter displays, the GJCAE will work with the community to provide coloring books so children can craft stories. Prizes will be awarded for the most original, creative, or best story lines improvising with the critters.


Bob Johnson, Peddler said...

Yay from me too!!

Jenn Bower said...

FUN!!! I would interact with them.