Monday, August 16, 2010

Ian Sands Portfolio

A portfolio of some of my recent projects. For more info and more projects, please stop by the Zonkey Street site...

Vintage 21 exhibit. The Yeti is over 6 feet tall. This was a great show with all but one piece selling.

Art On The Move. Growing up in Yonkers, I always rode the bus. Having my critters on the side of one was really cool!

United Arts provided a grant for the completion of this billboard which sits on i40 in Duplin County. It's all about promoting the arts!

This is a commissioned piece based on an original piece that was in the first Moosifesto show!

This piece was a prototype for an idea i had called the Float Parade. The concept will be to float pieces of art across a water way.

For Ice Eggs, we froze over 25 food coloring filled water balloons and create nest out of sand and seaweed.

The Lost Critter project in Apex. We created 500 critters and hid them around town..



psiegel said...

Ian, you are confusing those poor sea birds!

Corey Schwartz said...

Love all your stuff! I own DinoCow and will definitely purchase another piece some day! (Sorry, I never responded to your last email. You can always send me photos of anything that is for sale. I was just nervous about "commissioning" something.)