Thursday, December 23, 2010

Art On The Move #2

Art On The Move is a public arts project sponsored by the city of Raleigh NC. Each year they pic new designs and outfit CAT buses with art on each side. The buses then roam the city streets for six months.

Art On The Move encourages past participants to submit designs and since I was a past participant, I thought it would be fun to submit another design.

In this design, I ask my students to come up with clever sentences that incorporate Raleigh street names and used that as the background.

For example:

"When I get nervous I Pace Street"
"Baby you can drive my Carr Street"

The two designs above are very similar with only slight variation in the hue of the background. Do you have a preference? Could you tell the difference? ;)

If I win this year I will use the honorarium to buy a class set or Etch-A-Sketches!


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