Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was excited and humbled to be selected as part of the Davis Publications 2010 Virtual Retreat.


Giant signable Post It Notes for the Exhibit at the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center


street art billboard

The website and The Billboard Project


The Balloon Garden at the Halle Cultural Arts Center. The garden was made up of about ten helium filled balloons. Inside each balloon was a dollar bill. Beside the garden was a pair of scissors, tacks and a sign that read: Each balloon contains a dollar. You may: Pop a balloon and take a dollar Cut the string and set a balloon free Or walk away.


The Daily Critter. Just like any other newspaper dispenser you'd see on the streets of Downtown Apex.. The box reads: Insert coin 25 cents Daily $1.00 Sundays We sold out in one day!


Signables at Jordan Hall Arts Center Gallery. these pieces were created to resembled giant coloring book pages.


The Emerald Island Monster


take me home and make me your art

The 2010 Art History class had a reunion at the NC Museum of Art. I took along one of my critters to show them. Unfortunately, I accidentally and totally by mistake left it in the parking lot.


GJCAE sponsors the making of 30 Critter Cubes for Downtown Wake Forest.


Release of the Critter Cube Coloring Book


Interactive Room Exhibit at the Halle Cultural Arts Center


Famous wildlife Painter Robert Bateman Signs Critter

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