Friday, June 22, 2012

Art Set on iPad

So I downloaded Art Set for my iPad.. it's not a "professional" drawing app.. it's more like a box of crayons.. and I love it!

It doesn't have layers ... Booo!!  And good!! Because to be honest, I rely too much on layers to make stuff look cool in other apps. Art Set is like a box of crayons and a piece of paper. Actually, some of these illustrations I wish I had created on paper....

Speaking of paper, Art Set has a bunch of different colored papers and textures. Another yay!

The only thing I wish Art Set had was the ability to post directly to Twitter and Facebook. It does allow you to save it to your photos and from there you can Tweet.. and email so you can FB. IDK, Sketchbook lets me post to Twitter and FB so I'm spoiled.

This is Zonkey Love Number 1. Art Set does let you make a copy of stuff so if you get to a good point and are afraid you'll mess up or just want to experiment, make a copy and have at it..

Tha'ts what I did for Zonkey Love #2 and i'm pretty happy with it. Now this is one I really wish I had made of paper. In fact, I might go get me some paper and try to recreate this in real life... 

Stay tuned!!

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