Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Paper

I've been having so much fun with drawing on my ipad using Art Set. I like the look of the mixed media... crayons, paint, marker, etc.. even if it is on a computer.  I thought I should try giving it  go on real paper.  The problem with doing one for real, no paper. 

And I could go to the store and buy a nice sheet of that cool paper that costs like 7 bucks a slice. But then again, who has 7 bucks? And if i did have 7 bucks ... do you know how many Roo Runs* that would be? 

So I'm sitting in my studio looking at some paper mache stuff I've been working on and i thought, wow, this might make really cool paper. So I go out a square piece of installation board and layered a bunch of old fishing newspaper pages with a nice mixture of flour and water. 

Now we wait till it dries. Stay tuned!!

*a Roo Run is a term that describes the event of going to the Kangaroo Gas Station to get a 25 cent refill in your Roo Cup. Click here for more on Roo Cups.

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