Monday, September 10, 2012

IPad Art Apps and Homeschools

Let’s Make Art On The iPad : 

Kids love to make art. Nothing is more exciting for parents than watching their child tear into a box of crayons. It’s wonderful to participate in the engaging explanation of what they are creating. Art projects are exciting, creative and fun but they can also be messy to clean up and supplies can be costly. If you are currently using an iPad as an educational tool, you already understand the benefits of using it as a teaching tool. These five reasons will motivate you to migrating your art projects there as well.

1. Easy to learn:

As a computer arts instructor, I teach professional graphics applications.  These programs are complicated, they can take years to master. Art apps on the iPad are the complete opposite. You don’t need to be a tech guru to understand how they work. They are intuitive and your students can start making art from the first drag of their finger. 

2. Inexpensive:

Besides being easer to use, iPad apps sell for a fraction of the cost of professional computer graphic applications. Instead of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, most iPad apps retail for seven dollars or less. In fact, most apps have a lite version which will be considerably cheaper, sometimes free. 

iPad apps can also be a cost saving substitute for more expensive materials. While the iPad shouldn’t replace all art supplies, there are techniques you can create using an iPad that would be expensive to purchase if created using traditional supplies. For example, it would cost several hundred dollars to purchase an airbrush, while most iPad art apps have an airbrush effect.

3. Erasing is easy:

With the exception of a pencil an eraser, no media is easier to make changes in than digital art. all art apps have some sort of undo button. With most you can back up several steps, erasing the last five or so paint stokes you created. Try that with crayons or tempera paint.

4. Clean up is a breeze!

Cleaning up after painting means cleaning brushes, dumping water, wiping up spills and putting away bottles of paint. cleaning up after painting on an iPad means clicking a button. Click once to save your creation, click again to close the app. An added benefit is the ease of mind knowing you’ll never ruin the carpet by spilling iPad paint. Go ahead, paint in the living room.

5. Storage is simple:

There is only so much room on the fridge for showcasing art and only so much attic space for storing older art. With iPad apps, you can save everything electronically and still print the best ones to hang on the fridge. Sharing is also a breeze as most apps have “one-click email” and “post to Facebook” options. Create a digital portfolio online and save more attic space for those boxes of holiday decorations. 

If you are totally new to world of digital painting, selecting the right app can be overwhelming at first. Look for apps that have free versions. If you like the app, you can always upgrade to the full version later. 

Coming soon: three of my Favorite iPad Art Apps!

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