Sunday, January 20, 2013

CrittaColors Traveling Further

CrittaColors are starting to get out there. Sure these things always start local. Like the CrittaColor above, caught and colored right here in Apex, NC. However, it doesn't take long for these things to start traveling.... 

This guy showed up in Cary, NC. OK, not that far of a stretch. Cary is right next door to Apex but still it shows they are on the move.

What about this one? Which Wich is in Raleigh, NC. OK, we are still in the ballpark but at least this one os a double, right? :)

How about this little guy all the way in Boone, NC! Sure it's the same state but if this CrittaColor had traveled north or south instead of west, that distance would have put him in VA or SC respectfully.  

You can follow all the adventures of the CrittaColors on their Facebook page!  Like it today!

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