Monday, January 28, 2013

Ice Eggs

This is a project we did back in 2009. however, the post has since lost it's images so I'm reposting what I've got. I was looking to do some sort of biodegradable art project and came up with the idea of filling water balloons with colored water. we used food coloring. Next we hit the beach.

We were spending the week on Emerald Island in NC. The ocean was nice and left us seaweed to play with. The seaweed made really nice nests. We set up nests up and down the beach and laid :) the eggs in the nests.

A lot of people didn't even pay attention to the nests. They just walked on by. 

But the seagulls thought they were interesting.

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Unknown said...

so funny I think we (artists) should all make ice eggs on our next trip to the beach and see if we can get on national news. "Aliens invade the beaches laying eggs that eventually dissolve into a liquid like substance" On second thought, maybe in this day and age that wouldn't be funny to the public.