Thursday, May 17, 2007

UPDATE: Eye-witness Account

My students were looking at the photos of the Rain Wog and one of the girls said that she has seen it. So I asked her to tell me what she saw. Here is her account.

It was one afternoon when I was babysitting. The kids were out back on the trampoline. That’s when I saw it (Wog) in the pines trees. Then it scurried away up the tree.


I have received many suggestions as to what the mysterious creature that showed up in my yard after the rainstorm might have been. The Long-tailed Weasel was the most common suggestion.

Though The Long-tailed Weasel has some of the characteristics of the Wog; similar size and coloring, and are even suppose to be adept at climbing trees, I’m not sure they have the jumping/gliding capability that the Wog has.

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