Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mystery Beast Returns

Again it rained and again the Wog, or Rain Wog as it should probably be know, was back. But this time I was almost ready.

I had just pulled up to the house when I spotted the Rain Wog in the yard. I grabbed my camera phone and jumped out of the jeep. The Wog, which looked as if it were digging for food (grubs or seeds I assume) sat straight up and glared at me. It grunted three times then dashed towards the trees.

I ran after it. It ran about halfway up the first tree then to my astonishment, lept to the branches of the tree directly over me.

This photo clearly shows the outer anatomy of the Wog. You can even see the pads on the bottom of its paws. Two seconds later it was on the roof of my house and then it was gone.

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