Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wog Close Up!!

I had a feeling the Wog would be around again sometime this weekend. So this time instead of using my camera phone, which takes less than perfect photos, I borrowed my wife’s digital camera with the zoom.

Early yesterday morning, I hung a towel over the railing of the back deck. It wasn’t till this afternoon that I needed it. I laid down on the deck, hiding behind the towel so the Wog couldn’t see me. Still, it must have been able to sense I was there because it looked really uneasy. It kept sniffing the air and making that grunting sound.

sketch I made last week. I think I did a good job capturing what it looked like without any reference.

The only problem was the towel blocked my view and I couldn’t get a good shot until I moved it. As soon as I did, the Wog took off. I snapped three shots, two of which are total blurs. Then there is this one.


Anonymous said...

My husband believes your Wog is a badger. The facial markings particularly look like one. Fun story!

C.R. Evers said...

whatever he is, he sure is a cutie!

Good picture!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Sands do you mind having your husband bring your camera with the picture on it to class. I think he has us now. ((we thought it was his moose)) I would like to see the original picture..or did he delete it, as so not to waste the space on your camera?

Kathleen Rietz said...

Badger-weasel-skunk mutant.