Friday, August 24, 2007


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By the tilt of the streetlight, it could be that he is visiting the windy city. However, I personally think it is NYC because the pizza is soo much better there.

This is the second in an attempt to conquer this pen style thingy I have been struggling with. I like this one. I think I'm on to it.

(ps: the secret: pen, then scribble, then paint!)

and now, here is the first one...

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The zebra is just a visitor to the cow field. He actually lives in the brick ranch just down the street across from the widow Cooper’s house.

Hey, this pen thing is proving harder than I thought, which is good, I guess. Keeps me on my toes. If I can figure it all out, I think it could be a pretty neat goings on.


Anonymous said...

hee hee. i love it!
i like how the stripe fell off.
hope the cows will give a guy
a break. he obviously
doesn't mean any harm.

carla said...

The cows look pretty freaked out! What a great illustration!

steve said...

Love the experimantation going on here. You are definitely onto something.

Janelle said...

Loving the Giraffe, Ian! - Janelle

Natura said...

Wow, so expressive. Love your spontaneous line.

Unknown said...

this is awesome!

ps while i love nyc pizza, i miss chicago style pizza every day--nothing beats lou malnattis