Saturday, December 06, 2008

is a public art project featuring artwork from local artists that is exhibited on the sides of CAT buses. 12 artists will be selected to participate in the project. I'm hoping to be one of the 12 :).

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Putting the package together for this entry was no simple task. The artwork file that will be printed and placed on the side of bus was over 500 meg, it was even larger before I combined the layers (PhotoShop geek speak). My computer cried every time I opened the file. The package also included a letter of intent, my resume, and five other samples of my art, along with an annotated list.

I got it all together and ready to mail. I drove to the post office only to find them close. I checked the time on the door. Close - 12:30. I checked my cell phone. 12:24. I went back to my jeep. 12:25. In fact, by the time I drove all the way home it was only 12:31! Ok, maybe I'm being cold hearted and should cut them some slack. 12:24? Close enough for government work, right?? But I really wanted to mail that package today. Oh well, Monday.

In the meantime, above is my entry.
And here is my Letter of Intent:

I grew up riding the bus. As a kid, my mom and I rode the bus everywhere we went, from shopping to visiting friends and family. As an art student in college, I rode the bus everyday into Manhattan. With a sketchbook on my lap, I create a collection of symbols from the objects that passed outside the window. One of those symbols was the streetlight used is my entry.

My art can be described as whimsical, though one time I was told it looked like “A party on paper” and that has become my favorite description. I often try to create artwork that will fit into the environment where it will be displayed as opposed to simply hanging it on a wall. With Art on the Move, I considered pattern and sequencing to create the feel of movement.

In this design, I have used bold, recognizable symbols that will stand out as well as display two perspectives. The first perspective is that of the passenger sitting on the bus seeing the curious giraffe outside the window. The second is that of the giraffe riding the bus, watching the people and sights he sees in Raleigh as he passes.

The purpose of my design is to eliminate the stereotypical view of the somber bus created by the entertainment industry and instead, promote an attitude of thought, curiosity and fun. I want this bus to become a topic of discussion. I want people to view this bus and smile. I want people to see this bus go by and say, I want to ride that bus!


C.R. Evers said...

Good luck!!!!!

I think you should win!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture you choose, it should really add some fun to the dark busy colors of the city and I can see it now, some 2nd grader outside of an Irish Pub pointing the bus out to his mom. He He. GOOD LUCK!

Unknown said...

These would definitely liven up a city street. They would also put smiles on everyone's faces. Good luck!

Janelle said...

Wow, Ian! I didn't know you were doing this! Is there a place where the public can go to vote?? Super Cool!