Saturday, December 20, 2008


Check out all the stop motion animation assignments my Computer Art and Animation Class created!

View all the Facemations at


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That's really cool! It's such a moving, sad song... and the combination of the young man's body language and that great (perfectly done) mouth animation is powerful. Good work - your class must be lots of fun! Happy Holidays!

Citrus Tree Designs said...

This is really awesome...great job!

I hope you got an A+ in your class.

•MaRCe said...

great animation!! love stop motion, this on really strikes out :)

Karen Lee said...

Wow Ian - terrific. Congrats to your students for putting this together and to you for offering it to them.

Sarall said...

Very inspiring concept! Gratz, really enjoyable to watch.

Oh, your profile photo is great too :-D