Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Ice Eggs

let's see what unfolds....

ice eggs street art

I wanted to create a type of street art that would be biodegradable. Since I had a bunch of water balloons laying around the house, i thought it might be interesting to fill them with colored water and then place them in the freezer in hope that when frozen they would resemble eggs. I could have been more pleased with the results.

ice eggs street art

First, we gathered some pine straw.

ice eggs street art

Next, my art assistant arranged the pine straw to look like a nest.

ice eggs street art

Pine straw is an easy medium in which to sculpt nests.

ice eggs street art

The eggs were brought to the location in a cooler so they would remain fresh until we were ready to display them.

ice eggs street art

Which we did.

ice eggs street art

And the results were fantastic!

ice eggs street art

Then we sat on a bench and watch all the people stop and check out the nest.


Next steps:

I want to create a larger version of this project... more eggs, more nests. My freezer is full of water balloons as I type. I also plan to do a beach version with sand nests... check back next week...



amit said...

nice work.
your work remind me of Andy goldsworthy.

Ginger*:) said...

OMG This is fantastic. I would love to do this. What a hoot..... and what fun. You are a genius. Kudos to your assistant as well!

ABrushWithHumor said...

OK, that is the coolest thing!

If you do a beach version get a bunch of tiny plastic monster toys (or turtles if you like) and put one in each balloon with the water - people will go nuts!


Periwinkle said...

Wonderful piece. It must have been fun to see all the reactions. An fun for the other people too.

An assistant -- now there's an idea!

spindelmaker said...

What a wonderful idea!

Heather said...

What a fun idea. It must've been great to see people's reactions. Where you close enough to hear what they said?

About the Group said...

Ian, I can easily see you starting a public panic. One of these days you may as well organize a worldwide call for reclusive artists everywhere to come out of their studios and leave mysterious creations along quiet public paths. The objects must also melt or fade away leaving no trace; hence the global event will be dismissed as an urban legend.

Indigene said...

What a great idea! This is soooo cool!

Anonymous said...

That's fun. I think I might try it.