Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Ever since last year's Critter 2.0 project, I've been stumped for a good interactive street art piece. Sure, I've continued to send out some of the classic Critters and even created a Zonkey Army but nothing was WOW!ing me. 

This morning, I went to my studio determined to come up with something.. anything.. but hopefully, something I'd be excited about. On the floor lay papers covered in doodles, blocks of wood from the Zonkey army project and glue. Then it all sort of came together. I cut out one of the doodles and glued it to a block of wood. CrittaColors was born!

so what's a Crittacolor? A Crittacolor is an interactive piece of street art. It starts with a black and white doodle like the one above. This is a doodle I created on a copy of a manuscript I'm working on titled Crushing Turtles. Hopefully, I'll finish that book some day. Been working on it for two years.... but I digress. 

The doodle is then glued down to a block of wood. I put glue on both the bottom of the paper and then applied a thin coat on top. Hopefully this will protect the doodle from the elements if the pieces are left outside.

Attached to the block of wood will be a few crayons. you know, like those boxes you get when you get a children's menu at a restaurant. I got these crayons from Carrabbas. Hmm, wonder if I can get a corporate sponsor?? ;) Anyhows, the crayons are there so whomever finds the Crittacolor can color the doodle of the Critter. Hence the name. Clever, right? :)

On the back of the Crittacolor will be instructions for those who wish to post their colored Crittacolor on the Zonkey Street Facebook page. And who wouldn't want to do that? Share your coloring talent with the world!

OK, I was excited and wanted to share the Crittercolor idea with you. But now I need to get back to work and make a few more Crittacolors.

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