Sunday, December 09, 2012

Let's Meet Chug!

Meet Chug is a new art initiative I concocted this morning while drinking coffee. I thought to myself... "Self, what might be fun to paint on?" Then I went to my studio and the only thing there were some old magazines. How fun to redesign the cover of a magazine?

I pulled out some sketches I did during a Christmas party Friday night. You see, sometimes I go to parties and the people there talk about work. I don't know why people talk about work at parties. I wonder when they go back to work on Monday if they talk about the party.

But I digress.. While they talked about work, I sketched stuff. It keeps my eyes from completely glazing over.

The magazine I found was an outdoor sportsman magazine chock full of articles about hunting and fishing and fun stuff that could be talked about at parties instead of talking about work.

The sketch is a cartoon version of a backhoe. I am fascinated with backhoes. If you are looking to get me a Christmas present a backhoe could be on your short list. The backhoes name is Chug. And now you have met.

It's probably a little cliche to paint a backhoe on a magazine that is nature related but it happened by chance.. it's the sketch I did and the magazine I found... so i'm going with it.

Above is a blurry photo of the magazine with the cover painted. There is also a book just incase the magazine doesn't pan out due to technical issues (glossy paper might peel, might curl, etc..)

Want to find out about the artists and artwork that inspired this morning's painting session??


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