Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hiding Place, Part 2

Here's the illustration I'm posting for this week's Picture-Bookies Showcase theme, Hiding Place.

click here to enlarge

It's a Bigfoot hiding from the fox from that famous children's book story, the Fox and the Yeti. I'm sure you are all familiar.


Karen Lee said...

Yes - that old yarn! Isn't that the one where the fox tries to eat the Yeti, gags on a hair ball and then yeti and fox make a wig for Bigfoot with the male pattern baldness problem? Everyone overcomes their fears and hunger by sharing a platter of grande tofu nachos

Maybe not

ian sands said...

uhm, yeah. All except they don't share a platter of tofu, they shared a bowl of soup. It was really good soup too. Pumpkin, I think.