Monday, December 01, 2008


This year was the first year I participated in NAOWRIMO, AKA National Novel Writing Month. The idea is simple is theory, write a novel, 50,000 words, during the month of November.

Well, November has come and gone and I can say the only part of NANOWRIMO I got right was the NO part. November came and went and all I was able to accomplish was 15,000 words.

But I'm not discouraged. First, because my previous longest manuscript was just over 10,000 words and that took 6 months to write. 15,000 in a month is sort of impressive for a slow typer like myself.

Second, I've not given up. Sure I didn't make 50,000 in one month but if I can type 15,000 words a month I can have this manuscript, working title, Less Than Modern Art, completed by March.

Third, this was my first attempt at writing a big boy book. That is to say, a story with a target audience over 8 years old. What I learned was that I am more than capable of writing adult lit and with time giving to work on plot and character development, believe I might have a manuscript worthy of publisher consideration within a year.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well.

i guess you did accomplish a lot and I hope you continue writing until you finish.

Hey! You don't need no smelly website to tell you how many words to write!