Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Critters at CAM Raleigh

Today, CAM Raleigh had a special teacher preview thingy of the upcoming Rebecca Ward installation.

Above, Rebecca Ward was busy at working taping up the joint. The installation isn't finished but you can tell already it's going to be cool!

ian sands critters

A few Critters made an appearance.

I would say that photos don't do the work justice. Sure, it looks cool in the photo but you don't get the feeling of vertigo that it gives in real life :)

ian sands critters

Cool how the tape comes right off the wall.

ian sands critters

One of my goals is to have an exhibit at CAM Raleigh.. it's only a matter of time.. I'm patient.. sort of...

Till then, you might want to swing by CAM, check it out and pick up a Critter or two :)


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