Friday, July 01, 2011

Peak City Publishing to publish How To Milk a Dinosaur

If a freak milk accident that sparks life to a half cow, half stegosaurus isn't weird enough, imagine how strange it's going to get when Trip Stanley's class starts drinking the milk!

The long awaited (by me at least) acceptance of How To Milk a Dinosaur by a publisher has come. Peak City Publishing will be printing and distributing the book but it's up to Trip to figure out how to de-dinosaur his classmates and keep from getting kicked out of school, all while preventing his mom from discovering the stegcowsaurus in his bedroom.

Along with our new publisher comes our new illustrator. I'm working with (trying to convince) former Apex HS student and current SCAD animation major Abby to come on board. She has already created a few sketches (as seen above).


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