Saturday, July 02, 2011

Zonkeytrope Part 2

So I've partnered up with another artist to create three zoetropes for a public arts project. Read more about it here... So far, two fails.

Fail 1: Raleigh didn't select our Zonkeytropes for their sculpture thingy. They only choose 3 artists and 2 weren't even from NC. Whatever, sour grapes..

Fail 2: I hand drew all these zonkeys and colored them in with marker. Unfortunately, I didn't use permanent marker for the colored parts so when I tried to glue the pictures on, all the colors bled and ran. So now i need to redraw all the images.

The good news is that the zonkeytrope worked. When i spun it around you could see the little zonkey running.

The other good news is that Chapel Hill has a call for public artwork and I'm going to submit the zonkeytropes to them.

Stayed tuned!

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